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 Mechanic's® Wants To Know If You Have Had
Sex With Tabloid Reporter Wendy Saltzman



Monty G. White, Jr. - Lead Reporter

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Commentary and our Opinion: Tabloid Reporter Wendy Saltzman is obviously the self appointed "guru" of Holiness and Righteousness in Atlanta, It's time for Mechanic's® News, LLC to see how Tabloid Reporter Wendy Saltzman lives her life.

Wendy L. Saltzman - TV Tabloid Reporter

1036 N. Leithgow Street

Philadelphia, PA 19123-1421


Saltzman moved to this address this past January 2013.  Saltzman moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia PA after being investigated by Investigative Reporter Monty G. White, Jr.

More on this story coming soon.  Please keep checking back.


Old Address:

158 5th Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308




Questions we would like to ask you if you believe you have had sex with Wendy Saltzman:

What was it like?

Was she any good?

What was her favorite position?

Does she like oral sex?

How long did she know you before she had sex with you?

Did she pay you for the sex?

Anything you want to add?








Please contact us at if you have had sex with Wendy Saltzman.

Extra Information on Wendy Saltzman:






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You can reach Ms. Wendy Saltzman via email at or at her home address 158 5th Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, Phone 404-607-0154.

You can reach Monty G. White, Jr. via email at


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